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Opened to recruitment 17-01-2017

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28 sites open to recruitment

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The LORD Trial in the Netherlands is run by the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) Amsterdam and EORTC. LORD trial is led by Prof. dr. Jelle Wesseling, senior group leader (NKI) and Professor of breast pathology at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden, The Netherlands. So far, 28 sites have opened across the Netherlands and 33 patients have been randomized. In addition, 6 sites have opened in Belgium and approximately 15 more sites are set to open in other countries of Europe including France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Denmark and Norway.
In February 2019, Grade II amendment was submitted and approved by ethical committee as were the renewed LORD quality of life questionnaires. An added bonus of the changes to the questionnaires is that they facilitate collaboration with the COMET/LORIS trial. Efforts are under way to set-up nation-wide liquid biopsy Biobank for blood sample collection from patients during the time of enrollment in the study and for annual follow ups thereafter.
LORD-researchers day was organized on 18 Feb 2019 which involved in depth discussion on accrual challenges from patient and professional perspective. Also the rationale about including grade II DCIS was discussed during these sessions. These sessions were attended by different clinicians from the different participating sites.

Current status

Open to recruitment

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Challenges and opportunities

  • Unwillingness to randomize from patient perspective
  • Patient perspective versus professional perspective
  • Site activation