The PRECISION patient advocates have launched a new and effective style of communicating our research to a wider audience including the public, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders. Read the plain language summary of the scientific publications and explore our journey to understand DCIS and its biology ultimately to reduce overtreatment in the foreseeable future.

Read the first PLS published by PRECISION on article by Alaeikhanehshir et al on The impact of patient characteristics and lifestyle factors on the risk of an ipsilateral event after a primary DCIS: A systematic review here: click here

Read the second PLS published by PRECISION on article published by Giardiello et al on Contralateral breast cancer risk in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive breast cancer: click here

Read the third PLS published by PRECISION on article by van Seijn et al on Variability in grading of ductal carcinoma in situ among an international group of pathologists: click here

Read the fourth PLS published by PRECISION on article by Almekinders et al on Breast adipocyte size associates with ipsilateral invasive breast cancer risk after ductal carcinoma in situ: click here

All Plain Language Summaries prepared by patient advocates from team PRECISION are available in English, Spanish and Dutch languages. Click here: Publications – DCIS Precision