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Working group early health technology assessment

The economic burden of cancer and affordable cancer care in the western world is high. To measure the expected economic impact (cost-effectiveness), Technology Assessment (TA) is used to identify, measure, value, and compare the consequences of alternative management strategies.

The Early Technology Assessment will consist of two phases in this project:

  • The first phase works with the retrospective series from WP1 and its use in WPs2-4 consists of
    • scenario analysis by means of expert elicitation, to anticipate on developments at an early stage;
    • building a Markov decision model, with clinical data from observational cohort studies combined with the scenario results from the first phase
  • The second phase is followed by iterative incorporation of prospective data from the LORIS, COMET and LORD trials (WP7) for an Early Stage Technology Assessment of Active Surveillance (AS) versus standard treatment for screen-detected low grade DCIS by calcifications only, on organizational, economic, ethical-legal, and patient-related aspects.

WP lead

Dr Marjanka Schmidt

Group Leader

The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands